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tips for training stubborn dogs

Do you have a dog that just doesn't seem to listen to you? How much time have you spent really training your dog? Do you know how to really train your dog? If you have spent time working with your dog and he still doesn't follow your commands, there may be things you have done wrong, or your dog could just be a little more stubborn than others. My site will give you some tips to train difficult dogs. I have had some of the most stubborn dogs and I have managed to get them to learn what they need to know to be safe, happy members of our family.

tips for training stubborn dogs


How To Train Your Dog To Be Calm Around Strangers

If you have a dog, you likely have to introduce him or her to new people whenever they come over. It can be exasperating to constantly have to tell your dog to get down and be worried that he or she is going to knock over a smaller child or hurt someone. Here are some tips for training your dog so that he or she will be calm around strangers and won't jump or attack them.

Getting a Shelter Dog? What to Know Before Bringing it Home

If you're ready to pick up a dog from a shelter and you worry that you don't know how to take care of it properly, there are some things you want to do before you bring it home. You want to get all your paperwork from the shelter to know if you need to take care of your dog's medical care and training right away. Here are a couple of the things you want to do after you pick the animal up.

Five Small Breeds That Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

Sharing your life with an emotional support dog can result in reduced levels of stress and anxiety and decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation. Choosing the right emotional support dog for particular situations and individual needs and preferences. If you live in an apartment or small home, you should seriously consider getting a small breed, especially if you're unable to provide for abundant exercise needs of most larger breeds. Following are five small breeds that make excellent therapy dogs.