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tips for training stubborn dogs

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tips for training stubborn dogs

Five Small Breeds That Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

by Catherine Bishop

Sharing your life with an emotional support dog can result in reduced levels of stress and anxiety and decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation. Choosing the right emotional support dog for particular situations and individual needs and preferences. If you live in an apartment or small home, you should seriously consider getting a small breed, especially if you're unable to provide for abundant exercise needs of most larger breeds. Following are five small breeds that make excellent therapy dogs. 


One of the aspects of Pomeranian behavior that makes them good therapy dogs is that they are smart and easily trained. They are eager to please and learn quickly. Because they were bred to provide humans with companionship, they are responsive and sociable. As an added benefit, they were also bred as watchdogs, so they're always alert to sounds, making them good choices for those with hearing loss. Pomeranians are also good therapy dog choices for seniors who spend most of their time at home or those who work primarily from a home office. 


Chihuahuas are another small breed that makes excellent therapy and service dogs. They often bond most closely with one person, are fast learners with abundant intelligence, and are very tuned in to their humans. The extremely small size of the Chihuahua makes the breed an ideal option for those who live in studio apartments or other tiny spaces. 


Corgis were bred as herd dogs, which means they're highly intelligent animals with even dispositions, which are both sought after traits by those looking for the right service dog. Affectionate and friendly, Corgis, like Pomeranians, have excellent hearing and make good service dogs for the hearing-impaired. 

French Bulldogs

Selectively bred from their larger cousins to serve as lapdogs, French bulldogs are friendly, mild-mannered animals that are ideally suited for providing companionship and emotional support to humans. Their sturdy bone structure makes them good choices for children because they can stand up to roughhousing. 


Beagles are affable, happy dogs that function extremely well in group settings because they were originally bred to be a part of a hunting pack. They interact well with people and pets, making them a good choice as a therapy dog for those who live with their families or with roommates. They are suitable for children as well.

Many other small breeds are also suited to function as emotional support dogs. Your doctor or therapist can help you decide which type of dog is best for you.