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tips for training stubborn dogs

Do you have a dog that just doesn't seem to listen to you? How much time have you spent really training your dog? Do you know how to really train your dog? If you have spent time working with your dog and he still doesn't follow your commands, there may be things you have done wrong, or your dog could just be a little more stubborn than others. My site will give you some tips to train difficult dogs. I have had some of the most stubborn dogs and I have managed to get them to learn what they need to know to be safe, happy members of our family.

tips for training stubborn dogs


Why Your ESA Dog Needs Obedience Training: Ensuring a Harmonious Relationship

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) offer solace, companionship, and therapeutic advantages to individuals facing mental health obstacles. Whether you have a dog designated as an ESA or your pet serves this role informally, obedience training is essential for fostering a positive and harmonious relationship between you and your furry companion. Improved Behavior and Manners Obedience training helps your ESA dog develop good behavior and manners, which is essential in providing emotional support.