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tips for training stubborn dogs

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tips for training stubborn dogs

Key Features In The Best Professional Dog Boarding Businesses

by Catherine Bishop

Many dog owners find it very difficult to leave their furry friends behind on a trip. If you have to go away, it's much easier to leave knowing your pet will be taken care of properly. Some people are lucky and have a friend or family member willing to watch their dog, and that someone loves your pet as much as you do. For all the rest, it's good to know there are options for professional dog boarding services. Some places offer more services than others, so it's good to find key features that are important for your dog.

Comfort and Space

Making sure your dog is comfortable while you are away is probably a priority. There are dog boarding services that have spacious places to sleep, where your dog will be separate from other dogs. An interior room that is temperature controlled is possible to find at some dog boarding resorts. If you live in an area where the weather can get bad, having a place for your dog to stay where the temperature is just like home is important. Some boarding options might also include a private outdoor space for your dog, which might include a private patio area. Knowing your dog will have the space to go outside and play is also reassuring when you are away.

Various Food Options

Some professional boarding resorts offer food options onsite for your dog. However, you may also be able to provide food during the stay. This can be a way to save on costs, especially if your dog has special dietary needs. You can also choose from a menu of food and drink options for your pet if you don't want to provide food, which is a nice option if you are going to be needing extended-stay boarding services. Make sure the boarding resort is made aware of any dietary restrictions your dog may have as well as any food allergies.

Training Options

One of the best services you can pay for while your dog is staying at a dog boarding resort is training services. If your dog hasn't been fully trained, they can be while you are away for a few days. Having a pet that is fully house-trained is worth the extra cost for many pet owners. There are various training services you can pay for, and a lot can be accomplished to make your dog more disciplined to live indoors and be around other people. 

While it can be tough to go on a trip without bringing your favorite pet, leaving your dog at a boarding resort is an option that many dog owners appreciate. Best of all, your dog can receive training and enjoy a safe new place while you are away. 

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