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tips for training stubborn dogs

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tips for training stubborn dogs

The Answers To 3 Questions That People Have About Dog Obedience Classes

by Catherine Bishop

If you are thinking about taking your dog into dog obedience classes, you likely have a few questions. It is important that you feel comfortable before taking your dog in for their first class, so you should definitely find the answers to these questions before you begin. This article will provide the answers to 3 common questions that people often have when they are considering taking their dog into dog obedience classes for the first time. 

How Old Should My Dog Be When I Take Them To Dog Obedience Classes?

While you should definitely begin training your puppy at home from day one, most classes like to begin obedience training with your dog around 5-6 months of age. However, if you feel that it is important to get your puppy into training sooner, you can find a training course that is specific for young puppies. If you enroll your 5-6 month old dog in a normal class, you will want to place them at the beginner's level. This will allow you and your dog to work together to learn all of the basics of obedience training.

If you have an older dog that you have adopted, or if you have an older dog that you have been training on your own since they were a puppy, you will want to consider placing them in a more advanced class. If you aren't exactly sure what level they are at, you can take them into classes the first day, and the dog trainer will be able to tell you what level of obedience classes will benefit your dog the most. 

What Type Of Behaviors Can Obedience Classes Help With?

Dog obedience classes can help your dog with a variety of different obedience issues. Most mainstream classes simply work on helping you and your dog communicate better, so that your dog will listen to the different commands that you give them. However, there are other specialized classes that are created specifically to help your dog with things like aggression, timidness, and potty training. The dog trainers are certified to deal with these issues, and they will be able to pinpoint why your dog is either aggressive or timid, and will help you to resolve these issues. 

Does My Dog Have To Be In A Large Group During The Classes?

If you know that your dog will not work well in a large group dogs and dog owners, either because they are timid, aggressive, or easily distracted, then you can request having one-on-one classes with you, your dog, and the dog trainer. These classes will allow your dog to get all of the trainer's attention, and will help you to work through all of your dog's issues. These classes are generally a bit more expensive though because you get more specialized training for your dog.